At SUPER WP HEROES, we have made a cloud web hosting platform that is both packed with features and easy-to-use. Our devs have created a unique Linux cloud web hosting platform and an intuitive Online Control Panel that perfectly takes advantage of its capabilities. As a result of long hours of development and bug removing on our end, we're now in a position to ensure that our cloud web hosting services are safe, virus-proof, full of functionalities and painless-to-work-with. Additionally, they feature 99.9% server uptime along with 99.9% network uptime warranties.

Built by some of the top–acclaimed specialists to be found, our cloud hosting platform functions just perfectly regardless what website you have there or how many simultaneous users are browsing your site. It can also hold up to any kind of distributed denial–of–service attack. That is why, we are able to confidently give you a 99.9% uptime guarantee. It means that your web sites will stay online and will continue to serve all the visitors no matter what goes on in the background.

A Unique Cloud Hosting Platform

Wordpress Cloud Hosting Platform


We have created our own custom cloud web hosting platform using the newest high–performance technologies. With every service (DNSs, e–mails, databases, web applications, etc.) handled by an autonomous hosting server, your site content will operate in the cloud and will also be entirely protected from unexpected downtimes and performance disruptions.


Thanks to a well-thought-out server configuration, our platform allows websites to load much faster compared with a regular hosting platform. Here are the main components that ensure the ultimate website browsing experience.


We use SSD drives instead of HDDs, since they are based on an innovative storage technology, which allows for faster data access and site loading. Tests have shown that a site hosted on an SSD performs a few times faster than a site hosted on a HDD.


Thanks to the ZFS LZ4 compression algorithm that we use to store content, data reading/writing on our hosting platform is a lot faster. This means that sites will be delivered faster to the public compared with the popular EXT4-based cPanel hosting platform.


We have built a platform where the server workload is distributed between a few machines instead of just one, which accelerates the processing of server requests significantly. This way mails will go through faster, web applications will perform faster and sites will load faster.


We cache frequently accessed site content in the server RAM so that future requests for the cached data will be processed faster. Also, we deploy servers with large amounts of RAM to make sure that bigger chunks of site content are cached efficiently as well.


We've included various Control Panel tools, which will help users give an extra boost to their sites and apps. Memchached is perfect for traffic-heavy, data-base-driven websites like large e-stores, busy blogs, etc.; Varnish - for content-heavy sites with not-so-often-updated pages; and Node.js - for speeding up data-intensive, real-time apps.


We have built a load-balanced internal network, so as to boost the communication between the different servers. Also, our data centers have access to main internet backbones to ensure lightning-fast connectivity.

Thanks to the extra security measures that we've take to shield our custom configuration, your sites will be protected from all types of common and 'modern' online threats, including DDoS attacks.
Here is a glimpse at the main security assets of our cloud hosting platform:


This Apache module will effectively prevent most URL forgery and brute-force attacks, as well as any website spamming attempts. It will automatically block all incoming requests that are flagged as insecure. It is kept constantly updated to prevent 'up-to-date' attacks.


The Outgoing Connections functionality integrated in the Control Panel will allow website owners to restrict the outgoing traffic and to prevent the leakage of sensitive data to external hosts, including malicious hacker scripts.


Our servers are equipped with a powerful security system, which stops viruses, Trojans, worms and other malicious bugs aimed at disrupting websites and emails. All our servers are protected by a constantly running anti-virus software, which operates in the background and which does not affect the performance of the servers.


The ZFS file system's inbuilt checksum functionality, which is missing in the EXT4 file system used by most cPanel providers, ensures protection against silent data corruption. This way, if data gets corrupted on one of the disks in the RAID array, the system will be able to recognize the corrupted files and to recover the data from the unaffected disks.


We offer help with hacked sites within reasonable limits. When we are informed about a hacked site, we first try to contact the user and to advise them on how the issue can be resolved. If they aren't experienced enough to follow the instructions, our technicians will then take care of the issue.


With the Control Panel-integrated browsable backups, which are executed 4 times a day, users can restore their contents with a click at any moment. Also, our Dropbox/Google Drive backup option allows users to store a backup of their sites and databases in their remote accounts as well.

Thanks to the overall service improvements to our network, we have managed to achieve and sustain a top-class system stability.
Here is a glimpse at the main stability assets of our cloud hosting platform:


To ensure the maximum possible uptime for your customers, we have set up our servers and whole internal network using enterprise-grade hardware only. Each hardware component is thoroughly tested before being used.


All our servers are equipped with an internal firewall, which is constantly updated by our server administrators in order to react to possible server overload issues in a timely manner. This way, we can quickly block offending IPs or hacker attacks in real time, before they can unfold.


Our network features redundant backup devices. This way, even in case of a hardware failure, we have a spare device ready to take over. We also have redundant power supply units, which can power our network in case of power supply problems.


We avail of 2-4 Gbps of bandwidth, instead of the 1-gigabit-per-second network connection quota assigned to a server by default. This helps us avoid a network channel overload that could lead to loss of data packets and hence to downtime due to traffic overuse.


To avoid peak memory usage during script execution, we've set certain limits. For example, a client cannot have more than 1000 processes running at a time, since this might seriously disturb their server's performance.


These will help users track the performance of their sites and applications in real time and take timely measures to avoid any possible service disturbances.


We’ve been using a set of Datacenters situated on a number of continents. We’ve designed our own cloud web hosting platform for the ever–demanding sites and web apps. It was actually meant to store applications, emails and databases using a number of machines rather than one, and that means you never get affected by server load problems!

We’ve developed an innovative method for making scheduled maintenances in an attempt to prevent resulting downtimes. Additionally, we now have enhanced the network bandwidth to 10 Gbps, which means significantly better server connectivity and hence greater rates for your websites.

US Datacenter

The Steadfast Data Center in Chicago, Illinois, USA

Ideal for Visitors from the USA, Canada or Latin America

If your personal or business website is designed for individuals who are from the States, Canada or Latin America, we advise that you select our US data center. Physically located in the downtown area of Chicago, it is among the most renowned data centers in America!

The facility is located in a very secure location, which in turn diminishes the possibility of network downtimes resulting from earthquakes, tornadoes or other cataclysms. It has been developed to serve telecommunications service providers and thus boasts full redundancy in uninterrupted power supply systems, connectivity and security.

The US datacenter found in Chicago, state of Illinois, was selected by reason that it is one of the prime data center facilities in the United States of America. It boasts the most advanced server hardware setups, an entirely dependable network, a huge peering network and wonderful tech support staff.

A top class US datacenter

With SUPER WP HEROES, you’re going to be truly fascinated with the whole set of great things about the amazing data center, that is based in the central part of Chicago, IL. The data center is owned by Steadfast Networks – a major IT company in the USA, which supplies a wonderful physical setting for keeping the web servers functioning round–the–clock.

Each of the web servers in the US datacenter are designed using the most up–to–date hardware elements, and they are linked with a well–built inside network based on Juniper routers and switches.

A fully backed–up network

The US datacenter boasts 100% redundancy as related to network connectivity. We have designed the network by means of Juniper switches and routers together with custom–made software, and the data center’s technicians employ Cisco–powered units. The network is fully meshed and redundant having a number of major backbone suppliers. The properly configured network makes it possible for us to offer a 99.9% network uptime guarantee with all of the website hosting services we offer.

Optimal route selection

The US datacenter has designed a really good peering network, consisting of some of the prime network providers in the United States of America, such as Layer(3), NTT and nLayer. For optimal route selection and auto failover operations, the data center’s server administrators take advantage of the Border Gateway BC Protocol.

Thanks to the really good route choice, we are able to feature ultra–fast connection rates not merely across the United States, but also around the world. So, if you host your web sites within our US datacenter, your sites will load quicker than ever before from any location.

A 99.9% network uptime guarantee

A team of skillful specialists is present 24/7/365 to warrant an industry leading 100% uptime for the server network. Aside from the wonderful network atmosphere, we’ve ensured high–grade server hardware, that enables us to assure a 99.9% server uptime with all of our website hosting solutions.

Also, we have lowered the sporadic service interruptions by developing a specialized cloud web hosting platform where the server load is constantly distributed between a few physical machines, so you’ll never go through downtimes in case a user is loading the hosting server. Additionally, as a consequence of a customization we’ve made to the Linux–based server Operating System, it’s possible to include or take out computers at any time and your web sites will never go through any downtime.

Properly looked after and well–performing servers

We maintain a fast–growing network of cloud web hosting servers along with dedicated hosting servers. We’ve constructed a clever alert system that can find even the slightest service dysfunction, in which case our administrators can be advised without delay, so that they can take urgent actions to get rid of the matter in question. An internal SMS notification system will also make them aware in relation to any kind of situation that has not been remedied in due time.

Our data center’s server network consists of a range of servers – from cloud web hosting servers up to master VPS machines, semi–dedicated and dedicated servers. Furthermore, we’ve got different backup and testing web servers.

UK Datacenter

The Pulsant datacenter in Maidenhead, United Kingdom

Lightning–fast Website Loading Speeds for Customers from Europe

For all UK hosting necessities, we’ve established a collaboration to quite possibly the most renowned UK datacenters – Pulsant. It is found in Maidenhead, only a couple of miles away from the London Metropolis. As a result it gives less expensive prices when compared with London–based datacenters, yet the exact same standard of connectivity!

In other words in the event your web site is focused mainly on the UK, Europe or Africa, our UK datacenter is the perfect option for you. Your customers will be fascinated with the greater web site loading times and will have a generally superior browsing experience. In addition, since you also are going to be actually closer to them, you will also rank much better with Internet search engines for local searches.

Our UK datacenter is positioned in Maidenhead, Berkshire, merely 20 miles away from London. It’s functioning for quite some time, featuring world–class services in addition to day–and–night support. Its position makes it the perfect decision for all customers from Europe, Asia and Africa.

Industry–best UK datacenter

You are given the option to pick out in which data center your website will be hosted, to ensure lightning–fast web site loading rates for all of your clients. The UK–based web servers are set up within our UK datacenter – Pulsant, that’s renowned for its cloud web hosting servers and VPS servers and is also just the right spot for our revolutionary cloud web hosting platform.

The location next to London signifies that it has excellent connectivity to the rest of Europe, Asia and Africa. And with a completely redundant network, it’s an amazing place to host your site.

A stable server web hosting location

The UK datacenter has got no less than two basic pros as opposed to our previous UK–based facilities – over–engineering and high quality. The organization has invested a lot in the greatest network infrastructure and web hosting server equipment that you can buy. It has also increased more than twice the cooling capability in addition to power input, enabling us to supply fantastic hosting conditions for all of our servers. Pulsant belongs to the few facilities in Great Britain delivering direct fiber access to the United States of America and Europe (Amsterdam and Paris), so you can host your mission–critical apps with virtually no danger.

A 99.9% network uptime warranty

SUPER WP HEROES - NEGO SOLUTIONS AND MORE S.R.L.’s 10,000–square–feet UK datacenter has been in business from 2006 and at the moment houses thousands of machines and lots of websites. It has a remarkable peering network and it is linked to 2 London Docklands data center facilities – Telehouse East and Telecity HEX89, through a 10Gig Extreme Networks ring.

All this assures the best connection rates for your visitors coming from Europe, Asia and Africa. SUPER WP HEROES - NEGO SOLUTIONS AND MORE S.R.L.’s interior network is totally dependable as well, allowing us to give a 99.9% network uptime warranty.

24/7 data center customer support

We’ve worked hard to build a steady website hosting atmosphere for your websites. Our system admins have created a brand new version of Debian Linux, designed to best use SUPER WP HEROES - NEGO SOLUTIONS AND MORE S.R.L.’s cloud web hosting platform.

We have additionally built a specialized notification system. It can tell us whenever we have a trouble with SUPER WP HEROES - NEGO SOLUTIONS AND MORE S.R.L.’s machines or with any server process at all. It’ll automatically notify all of the system administrators available so that they can fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Stable & efficient UK located servers

Our growing network of servers incorporates more than 80 standalone units for hosting your small to medium–sized private websites as well as massive business websites. Further than regular production servers, we’ve got semi–dedicated and dedicated servers and main VPS machines. All are a part of our completely unique cloud web hosting platform and every of them is connected with the customized notification system, so that we are able to watch them day–and–night.

In addition, we keep backup servers allowing us to recover your site content in case there is occasional loss of data, and also servers for testing purposes.

AU Datacenter

The Amaze datacenter in Sydney, Australia

The Best Loading Speeds for Your Sites in Australia and Oceania

We’re cooperating with 1 of the best–connected datacenters in Australia – Amaze, headquartered in Sydney’s Central Business District (CBD). It’s amongst the best datacenters in the Southern Hemisphere so it offers fantastic web hosting conditions for your personal sites and apps.

In other words in the event your web site is focused mainly on the UK, Europe or Africa, our UK datacenter is the perfect option for you. Your customers will be fascinated with the greater web site loading times and will have a generally superior browsing experience. In addition, since you also are going to be actually closer to them, you will also rank much better with Internet search engines for local searches.

The Australia–based data center that we partner with is situated in the Central Business District in Sydney. It is operated by Amaze and is among the best–connected data center facilities in the Asia–Pacific region. The data center facility offers an unprecedented quality level, especially as far as network connectivity and customer support provision are concerned.

An ultra–modern AU datacenter

Amaze is among the top–hole data centers in Australia. It boasts a perfect location, a big peering network and works with a number of top–tier customers. The humidity & temperature levels are maintained in line with energy conservation standards all the time.

The data center offers wonderful online connectivity with all the countries in the Asia–Pacific region, which will ensure faster–than–the–speed–of–light loading speeds for your websites.

Exceptional network connectivity

The Amaze data center has its own communication layer, which has access to the infrastructure of a lot of TSPs. The 2(N+1) configuration of the client distribution layer assures the unproblematic inclusion of new web hosting servers. Special N+1 communication rooms house major regional and international TSPs to ensure unequalled online connectivity options for your web presence. This allows your sites to load insanely fast not only in Australia and Oceania, but also anywhere in the world. The AU datacenter facility offers diverse pathways and cable routes allowing for more network access providers to be added. Custom–built satellite and antenna devices can be positioned in a special place on the data center facility’s roof.

Electricity and air conditioning conditions

Because of the fact that it works according to enhanced Tier 3 requirements, the Australia–based data center can offer you a 99.982% network uptime guarantee. It is directly connected to the National Grid with the help of two 20 MVA mains feeds. 20+ uninterruptible power supply systems are available onsite to take over at any given time if there is an electrical power outage.

Because of the N+1 cooling options in the data center, we are able to add as many physical servers as we need, without having to modify the current cooling capacity. This permits us to add additional physical servers to our cloud web hosting network whenever we need to, and to expand our hosting platform for the sake of your expanding Internet presence.

Safety and network monitoring environment

We’ve got a team of highly proficient technicians who are working onsite 24x7x365 to ensure matchless safety levels. They are using BMS systems to keep track of all the vital mechanical appliances and SCADA systems to keep track of the electrical equipment. By means of constant CCTV surveillance and mantraps, they control the access to the data center facility.

We have also developed a custom monitoring and notification system, which allows our administrators to control the server network and to stick to our 99.9% uptime guarantee.

AU datacenter hosting server network

We’ve been working with Amaze for a few years now and have deployed a large number of servers in the facility. Our server network is composed of production servers, billing servers, administration servers, testing servers, backup servers and many more.

The data center boasts a team of highly skillful technicians who help us set up an entirely new server from the ground up and include it in our cloud web hosting network within several hours.

FI Datacenter

The Ficolo data center in Pori, Finland

FI Datacenter

We work with one of Finland's major co-location suppliers - Ficolo. The Finnish data center is, actually, an ex armed forces facility based below ground. It is intended to continue operating whatever happens in the world outside - whether it is an aerial strike, a close-range EMP attack or a natural disaster. That's why, we can guarantee full security for your websites.

Aside from the physical security, the Finnish data center is also very well connected with the world. Due to the close proximity with Russia, it is a very good choice for anyone who needs to enter the large Russian market and then to offer top web connectivity to their customers. The same is also valid for the rest of the nations in Northern and Central Europe.

Eastern Europe Datacenter

The Telepoint datacenter in Sofia, Bulgaria

Lightning–fast Website Loading Speeds for Customers from Eastern Europe

In order for your website to succeed, you should access a really broad target audience. If you're interested in the Eastern European market, then your web sites will be best positioned in our Bulgarian datacenter - Telepoint. Situated in the capital, Sofia, this datacenter is found at the crossroads of both nearby and international important Internet lines what’s more, it offers you outstanding connectivity for all Eastern European nations.

If you want to target users from Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Ukraine, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Armenia, etcetera, then hosting your web sites in the Telepoint datacenter is a wise step - not only will your site work significantly faster than if it was based in the U.S.A. or in the UK, but it'll also achieve greater rankings for all local searches.


24/7/360 Premium Support

Daily Backups

Assisted Migration

DropBox and Google Drive Backups

Security Checks

Uptime Monitoring

Customizable Server Settings

Free SSL Certificates

Speed Performance Monitoring


A: YES IT IS! It is built around simplicity!

All web hosting plans come bundled with our in-house built Web Hosting Control Panel. It has been designed to be simple and easy to use so that you and your customers can take pleasure in managing your sites and emails. The Control Panel is currently available in a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Dutch and Bulgarian.



Domain Manager

Register/transfer domain names, edit name servers/Whois data, park domains, etc. from one place. An option to manage multiple domain names at a time is included too.

Email Manager

Create mailboxes, set up spam filters, control the level of anti-virus protection or forward emails with a click. An option to create and manage mailing lists is included too.

File Manager

Manage and edit your files quickly and easily. Upload files directly from your browser using simple drag-and-drop actions. Generate backups of your files with a click.

Database Manager

Create and manage databases from a single location. 1-click database backups are supported as well. Log into your database admin area with a click.


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