Frequently Asked Questions

Hello World!

Who are you guys again?

We’re a team of young and enthusiastic web designers and developers. We all leave in Romania, which is a beautiful place to visit. Check out our home town, Brasov

How long have you been doing this for?

As a team, we’re doing this for over 10 years now, never growing tired of what we do. SUPER WP HEROES is a new venture we just took on, providing dedicated WordPress related services.

Who are your regular clients?

We serve companies big and small. it doesn’t matter if you are a start-up or a well establish corporation, we would love to work with you. The markets we usually work for are Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

What services do you offer?

Our main activity is designing and building websites. WordPress websites mostly. We are building custom web apps for clients using php frameworks as well, but due to popular demand, 80% of our work spins around WordPress. We are looking to get into mobile app development as well; we will probably be using technologies that integrate WordPress into the iOS and Android app environment to begin with. We are also providing web hosting services for our clients. In terms of actual “products”, we can’t say that we sell anything like that yet, but we are moving into the direction of offering productised services soon enough.

Do you outsource?

No way ever. We only work with in-house employees and certified local contractors, when we experience work overloads. Outsourcing would simply be a big pain in the neck for us, just having to do more QA then actual work on a project. We believe that the things done right are the things done by our self.

I would like to register as a client with you guys.

What’s the first step?

Well, you may either drop us a line telling us about your business and goals or you may register as a client and tell us all that later. We require clients to have an account on our website since we have an integrated project management, order tracking system and billing system which we prefer to use. After that is done, we can start a conversation to see what great idea of yours we can make happen 🙂

I registered as a client or requested a quote, does that obligate me to anything at this point?

Nope. It does not require you to take any action until you feel like it. The only things that apply are the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy which stay valid for as long as you have a client account with us.

Will you be stressing me out with emails and annoying phone calls until I get my first project going?

No, not really 😀 There are however a few types of emails that need to be sent out regardless if you have an open project or not, for example, account status and balance notifications, price changes, available services updates, etc. But we will not be stressing you out with those annoying super duper offer emails or force your hand to start a project before you are ready to. We’re not that kind of company. However, we are available for any questions you might have, prior and post project start.

Money Matters, Payments and Refunds

Do you offer money back guarantee?

Yes. Money back guarantee is subject to our Terms and Conditions.

How do I actually pay?

Payments are done through our website. You will get an account with us where you will be able to see all your outstanding payments. You will be able to checkout using your Credit Card or PayPal account.

Do you track time while working?

Yes we do. As a matter of fact we built a time tracking and screenshot capturing software so that records our work process, and you can check the work reports for your self too. Of course, progress is the best measure for work, but we like being transparent.

Can I first approve the worked hours before paying for them?

Big YES. As a matter of fact, it is a big MUST. After each work week (Monday to Friday) you have until next Wednesday to confirm the hours we have spent working. You need to check the work reports, make sure that what was expected was done, etc. Once you confirm, the hours will be deducted from your account balance. Here is a scenario: You credit your account with the equivalent of 40 hours. In week 1 we work say 20 hours. That means that next week, those hours must be approved by you, but in the mean time we still have 20 to go working starting the first day of the second week, and so on.

What happens if I completed my project, I don’t need to do anything else about it, but i still have a positive account balance?

Well, simply ask for a refund 🙂 That money will be refunded back to you, minus transfer fees.

Legal and Tax Matters

Do I need to sign a contract?

Yes. No worries though, our agreements are as simple and clear as they can get, while still covering all aspects of work. Signing is super easy, and all done online, within your account with us, either at the moment of your first payment or before that.

Do I get legal tax Invoices?

Of course! We’re real people, doing real business here. You get all the necessary paper work.

What is a Confirmation of Service document?

The Confirmation Of Service, or COS is a document where you, as the client, acknowledge that we, as a provider of service actually provided the service you were invoiced for. Let’s call it a handover/receiving report.

How does VAT go and how does it affect me?

We are a company registered in the European Union. Therefore we have a valid VAT number, registered in the Intra-Community Registry, which is RO35744674. You can run a check for it on VIES. While EU clients all know how VAT goes inside the Union, non-EU clients (U.S.A., Canada, Australia, etc.) need to know that VAT taxes DO NOT apply to then. For EU clients, VAT applies if they DO NOT have a valid VAT number them self.

What’s with the Digital Signature thing?

Well, since we do need signed documents, we figured to make it easy for our clients by providing digital signature options. You can draw a duck as you signature for all we care really. It is just something that real businesses need to have in order to, well, do business and be in line with tax regulations. As a matter of fact, we even built a little plugin that handles signatures for WooCommerce orders.

What jurisdiction applies to our business relationship?

Our company and therefore all legal aspects of our business are governed by the Romanian Law.

Technology and Geek Stuff

What technologies do you guys use?

For development, we make use of the latest front-end development technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Bootstrap where as for back-end development we code following best practice standards both for regular PHP development and WordPress Development. We always code on Linux and we test our work using Browserstack and actual devices as well.

Do you use version control?

Yes we do. Whichever you prefer using. We have accounts on all major version control service providers.

Do you have a development server I can check progress and review work on?

Yes. You will have access to a development link once your first project is started.

What Plug-ins do you use?

Well, we generally like to limit the use of plugins for the simple reason that many of them do more harm then good. There are though cases where big, established, vetted and popular plugins are used, like WooCommerce, Site Origin Panels, Contact Form 7 etc. For the most part though, you can really do without.

What ready-made Themes do you like to use?

The one we built our self 🙂 A blank theme that helps for faster development and which is super versatile. It is optimized for speed and light weight, which is something we noticed some of the pretty popular themes out there lack unfortunately.

Requirements List

What configuration do I need for my live server?

It would be preferred to have at least the following:

  • MySQL Version: 5.6 or higher
  • PHP Version: 8 or higher
  • Mail functions: mail() active or SMTP ready

How do you have any requirements for the designs I send over?

Yes please:

  • Have your designs done using the Bootstrap Gris system
  • Send both the Sketch or AI or PSD file(s) and JPG/PNG files (for each page)
  • Create designs for each interaction, for example, popup windows as well
  • If you are using a theme, try and have your designs follow the theme’s structure, using the available sections, modules and widgets. If not, then there is really no point in using a theme.
  • Send over initial stock images as well, not cropped
  • Send over the custom fonts you used in your designs
  • Texts for each of the pages in an editable format or PDF or DOC document
  • If you have a branding guide available, pack that up as well
  • Do not forget to send your logo as well
  • Pack them all in a zip archive and try to use the following folder structure:
    • Pages
      • Home Page
        • PSD design
        • PNG design
        • Texts document
      • About Us
        • PSD design
        • PNG design
        • Texts document
      • other pages, etc
    • Stock Images
    • Fonts
    • Logo(s)
    • Branding guide

How about access? Do I need to send any kind of access over?

Yes please. If often happens that you have a ready built website that we need to work on. In that case, please send:

  • cPanel or FTP / phpMyAdmin access. That includes a link, username and password.
  • Website admin dashboard access. That includes a link, username and password.
  • email account user and password for the account that is to be used with SMTP configurations
  • any kind of access to other 3rd party service providers, depending on the project scope, like MailChimp for example

Please note that not having the necessary access prevents a project from getting started and any deadline issues that may occur because of that will not hold us responsible. Learn more by visiting our Terms and Conditions page. For security reasons, access should be shared by making use of a 3rd password management service, such as LastPass.

Project Management

How does project management work?

We prefer to keep all project management inside our project management tool on our website and Asana or Trello. Clients who choose to hire full-time or part-time however may choose to use their own project management software of choice. It’s the project manager’s responsibility to keep open communication with the client, but developers will also comment on projects and tasks in order to make work flow more smoothly.

Can we do project management via phone, email or Skype?

Clients hiring full-time get this option. For all other kind on service employment, we kindly require to keep everything inside our project management system simply to avoid missing tasks and doing a mess of things. If however, there is a serious communication issue, then yes, we will get hold of each other by one of those methods.

Can I work One-on-One with your developers?

For the moment, yes. We may however decide to terminate this option in the future, as some of the clients we had along the years approached our developers for direct hiring proposals, which is a breach of contract terms and very rude none the less. But for now, yes.

Can I add Projects to the Project Management dashboard my self?

In a sense, yes. In order to be compliant with tax regulations here in Romania, we do need to have a quote request first, but the second you approve the quote request, a project is created for you. It’s not that bad either really, as a quote helps you and us better manage expectations as well.

Can I add Tasks to the Project Management dashboard my self?

Yep 🙂 Once your project is all set up, you may add tasks to the system, not a problem.

Can I mark a Project as completed or closed my self?

Once the very last task is completed, the project appears to be completed by it self. If you add a new task, it will show as work in progress, and so on. SO a project is completed when all the tasks under it are completed, no need for further manual action. We, as admin, can choose to archive it.

Do you use any 3rd party Project Management software at all?

Clients hiring developers full-time with us may choose to use their own project management system. For all other jobs, and fixed or hourly work, we reserve the right to use our internal project management system for a few reasons: it is built in with our book keepeing, it helps manage a big workload easier for project managers and it creates a seamless experience for our clients, payment process and document signing included.

How do I report bugs or issues?

You may simply add them as a task, or comment to an existing task, for the specific project. We are thinking of creating a special bug tracking system as well, but that is to come.

Do you test your work?

Yes we do. We test all websites to be compatible with all major browsers going 3 versions down and all major mobile devices and browsers as well. We also test functionality and other aspects.

When do you deploy your work?

We only push code to a production environment from Monday to Thursday, between 10:00AM and 12:00AM so that if anything goes wrong we have time to fix it. We never push live on Friday or during the weekends.

What are your usual work hours?

We are available during 10:00AM – 18:00PM GMT+2 (Bucharest Time), Monday to Friday, minus holidays and vacations.

Ok, let’s get to work!

What do I need to do now?

The first thing you need to do is to express your interest in working with us. Contact us, Request a Developer or a Quote. After that we will get your client account all set up together with your first project. After that, it’s work work work 🙂

What are the usual turnover times?

Unless we are talking about a productised service, we really can’t say. All projects are unique so delivery time must be determined for each of them, but we can estimate before starting.

Do you offer a warranty on the website you build?

Yes. During the development phase and after, warranties apply according to our Terms and Conditions.