Need to get your client’s signature for various products or services you are selling with WooCommerce? Use our nifty little plugin to get a signed order from your customers!

  • Obtain client consent
  • Seamless WooCommerce integration
  • Easy to use

Original price was: RON 271,75.Current price is: RON 92,12. RON 92,12 / yearOrder Now




Obtain Client Consent

By signing, the order is as good as a legally binding contract


Print PDF Order

Print out a PDF copy of your signed order for filing or use the PDF Invoices & Packing Slips for WooCommerce instead!


Send By Email

Attach the signature to the woocommerce order email


Display Rules

Require the client’s signature only for various product categories or conditions (like logged in users vs. guests)


Save Signature For Reuse

Returning customers? Give them the option to save their signature for later usage


Shortcode Availabe

Display the client signature wherever you need in your content or template files


Branding Options

Customize the look and feel to your needs, both for web and for the PDF version of the order. You can hire us if you need any help!


Single Product Checkout

Option to clear the cart if you only want to allow for one signed product or service to be purchased at a time


Shipping-based Display

Only display the signature if the total shipping costs are greater than a certain amount


Total-based Display

Only display the signature if the total/subtotal costs are greater than a certain amount

But how does it actually work?

The plugin will basically add a digital signature pad to your checkout page based on the display rules you setup. It basically acts as a mandatory acceptance field… think of it as a Terms and Conditions acceptance checkbox, in the classic sense. As one can imagine, validation is set in place so that the customer can not proceed with placing the order unless the signature is obtained.

I have some more questions about Order Signature for WooCommerce before I proceed…

What is the validity of the license key?

The license key is valid for 1 year, and then it auto renews. You can cancel the subscription (auto renew) process at any time, and even so, you will still have the one year validity purchased.

What are the plugin minimum requirements for Order Signature for WooCommerce to work?

Order Signature for WooCommerce works with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce versions. PHP versions 7+ are also supported.

How do refunds apply?

Refunds apply in any of the following cases:

  1. if you made a payment in error and thus billing details got mixed up and/or VAT (where applicable) was not handled right
  2. during the first 30 days of your purchase, no questions asked
Is the plugin tested with all other plugins on earth?

No. The plugin is tested with WooCommerce and a few standard themes and plugins. We can not guarantee that usage in parallel with other plugins can or can not cause conflicts. However, if our plugin detects available integrations, it will list them out in the settings page.

Where can i find my license key?

The license key will be visible on the section. You can access that with the logins setup during account creation on our website or checkout

How do updates take place?

Updates are performed directly from your your website’s dashboard, as long as you have a valid license key activated

WordFence exception & plugin conflicts

It came to our knowledge that WordFence interprets the get parameter for the signature blob as Cross Site Scripting, when you offer your clients the ability to save their signature for later. In order to overcome this, you would have to add this to the exceptions whitelist in WordFence. If you encounter any issues your self, we encourage you to visit the Support Area in your account with us so we may investigate and adjust if necessary.

I have a question or a feature request

Please drop us a line at for pre-sale questions and visit the Support Area if you are an existing client.

Ready to obtain your client’s signed consent?


Original price was: RON 271,75.Current price is: RON 92,12. RON 92,12 / yearOrder Now

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Order Signature for WooCommerce

Original price was: RON 271,75.Current price is: RON 92,12. RON 92,12 / yearOrder Now